The 1950’s


Were the 1950’s the best time to be alive? Many people will say yes and some will say no. The 1950’s seem like a great time to be alive. The good things about the 50’s would be that one,  everyone went to church, the divorce rate was low, almost nobody did drugs, and there was a very low crime rate.

A great thing was that there was barely any social media. The social media now is crazy. So many teenagers, children, and adults are so phased by the internet and they are hooked on it. Everyone will be on the internet and their phone for most of the day. Back then, in te 50’s, no one was on their phones. Actually, in the 50’s, cellphones were not even a thought. The only phones back then were home phones.

The diners and roller rinks were the place to be with friends. Every teenager was either at a dance at school or at the roller rink. After those activities, everyone would head to the diner and hangout.

On the bad side of the 50’s would definitely be the racism and sexism. Racism was a huge thing because the blacks and the whites were fully separated. There were schools only for white children and a school only for colored children. The two races did not get along at all. In absolutely everything, they were separated. They were not allowed to do anything together.

Sexism was a big thing also. The women were treated pretty badly but also good. In the way they were treated badly, they were to just clean the house, clean everything pretty much, make dinner or any food for the family, and not have a job. The women would take care of the children and the husband.

Sexism in 50s was, however, normal and both women and men tolerated it. Even though the advertisements towards women were insulting, people tolerated it and accepted the stereotypes of women being housewives.