On The Hunt For The Right Dress

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Tyler Woolen

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Searching for a Prom dress or a Homecoming dress is really complicated for a lot of teenagers because the teens always want to find the perfect dress for the perfect dance.

Some girls do not go crazy over looking for a dress but unlike me, I always have to have a great dress that I really like. If I do not fully like the dress, then why buy it? Buying a dress that fits you and your personality would make girls feel better and more confident.

Buying a dress can be a stressful process but once it is done, it is one of the best feelings. When you get a dress, finally, it is great. It is usually always stressful for the parents because they have to buy the dress most of the time. Sometimes the teenagers will buy the dress too! The parents are always happy after that.

Many teenagers have a very fun time looking for dresses and sometimes they will bring friends to make it more fun so they can all look for a dress or dresses together. When teenagers look for dresses with friends, I feel as it is always more exciting and fun. Being with friends always make the memories better, especially while looking for dresses.