High School Dress Codes

High school dress codes are a topic that has been very controversial in the media recently. There are a main concern of high school. Some students think dress codes are too harsh, and students should be able to dress however they would like, but others think that dress codes are necessary. I believe that dress codes teach students how to dress professionally so that they are prepared for their future career. 

Inappropriate clothing is a problem that I have seen in our own halls, here at Jefferson Morgan. Students wear clothing with lyrics from songs with meanings about drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate things. Then when they are told to cover their shirts or turn them inside out, they get upset saying things like, “It’s just a song!” Teenagers know the meanings of the things on their shirts, and they should start thinking before they put these clothes on and come to school.

An opinion that I have noticed being very expressed is the idea that dress codes are created so that girls do not distract boys from their studies with inappropriate clothing. This idea has been angering many people, whose opinions are that boys should be taught to have self control. Girls dressing inappropriately is not something that distracts just boys, but distracts everyone around them. It can be distracting for all students and even teachers, too.

Dress codes are said to be limited towards women, and I agree with this statement. Though, I also think that this is because there are not many articles of clothing that can be deemed “inappropriate” for males. The fashion industry dresses women much more revealing than men, but that is just how it has always been.

I do not believe that dress codes have anything to do with distracting the other sex. Dress codes are created for children in high school to prepare them for a job.  jobs where students will be expected to dress professionally.

Dress codes are not demeaning or disrespectful. The policies are teaching students how to look professional and be respectful to everyone around them. They are not “bullying” girls or putting them below the men. Girls know their dress codes when they are getting dressed in the morning, and instead of trying to prove a point they should save the clothes for another place.