Moving Away from Home

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Moving away from a home you have grown up in can be a real tragedy in a sixteen-year-old teenagers life. It is hard to get up and go many miles away from everyone you know and everything you grew up around. When your friends move, it is really sad but when it is you, it seems to be a little bit unreal.

My mom is deciding to move away but she is not sure if she wants to move far away from Jefferson or to stay in Jefferson. I hope that we move farther away but a problem would be that my dad lives in Jefferson. My dad has wanted to move to Florida since I was young but we never got the chance to because a big majority of my family lives here in Pennsylvania. If I did move far away, I would miss a few people, but we could always see each other in the future.

Since I have gone on tours and met a bunch of people from other states, I understand how to keep in touch with people who are far away. I have more friends in other states that I have met in the past two years than I do here so everything would be fine with me.

Moving seems like a good opportunity because I do not have many good friends at the school. I do not exactly like living in this area, generally because it is quite small and everything goes around quickly. I feel as if moving to a new home and school, and starting fresh somewhere new would be a better thing for me.
When I was younger, it was a dream of mine to move away. I wanted to move to either California, which many teens want to, Illinois, Rhode Island, or anywhere far away from Jefferson. Leaving to different places has always made me happy. Seeing new faces and new buildings makes me think that there is more to life than just this small town.