What Gets Me Through High School

High school can be a very difficult experience. Everyone has different methods of being successful in school. I have found that different people and mindsets are helping me be successful.

My family has pushed me to be successful in high school. My dad has always been very hard on me when it came to my grades and behavior. This has pushed me to try harder and do well not just for his approval, but my well being.

My friends have helped me get through the hardships of schooling. Brody Mazurik and Tyler Woolen have continuously helped me anytime I was upset or stressed. There have been many ups and downs, and they have been here for all of those.

Another thing that has helped me in being successful is the way I was raised. I was always told to do better things. I was raised to aim for higher than what was around me and what my parents had. I have seen the children who have not been raised this way because they were taught that school is not important. They are struggling, and I am so thankful that I was raised to want more.

High school has been emotionally hard on me at times. There have been plenty of mean girls, but along the way I have had to learn that those things do not matter. When people are mean to you for no reason it is most likely because they are insecure about themselves. I have learned that instead of returning the hostile behavior it is more logical to just feel sorry for them.

I am a sophomore, and these are all things that I have learned within my two years of high school. I hope that these things will help me through the remainder of my schooling, and I will learn many more things.