The Selection Series

The Selection Series is a book series by Kiera Cass. The setting of this series is a dystopian society, in which classes are viewed as numbers. The lower the number, the lower the class the person is a part of. The numbers range from one, which is royalty, to seven, which are known as the untouchables.

The novels in The Selection Series are from the point of view of America Singer, a five, who works with her family as musicians. The prince of their county, Illea, decides to have a selection. This means he will invite 35 women into the palace and choose one to marry. The story reminds me somewhat of “The Bachelor”, but with royalty. America Singer is chosen to participate in the Selection, though she does not want to. The three novels follow America through her experience in the Selection.

I read all three novels and enjoyed them very much. Cass writes in a way to make you feel the exact way America is feeling at the point in the novel. It is something I cannot describe very well, but encourage others to experience.

The novels sound very girly and almost something from a children’s fairytale, but it is much more than that. Casses stories include action and heroism. It is a wonderful novel for young adults.

Along with The Selection Series came The Heir, and The Crown. These books were based off The Selection, with some of the same characters, but about twenty years down the line. These stories were also wonderful and captivating, but were very different because the heroin of this story was very different from America Singer.

Overall, these novels are a very easy read, but have a wonderful story. I recommend this story to anyone because the novel contains so many different elements, there is something for everyone.