Should Schools Be More Strict?

As a student, I firmly believe that all students should, or be made to, perform at their best ability. I do not see any point in students coming to school everyday to hang out with friends, or make a joke of everything. School’s should be more strict about the way students behave and perform.

I come to school everyday, and I cannot seem to understand why there are so many students who also show up everyday, with no concern for anything. There are students with no worry for their future or well being.

All of the blame for this cannot be put on to teachers, but some may have a part in this. I have noticed that all the students who show up to school with little to no concern or motivation, have been given lots of extra help. Some students needing help, but even after it is given students still show no care.

Some students are given help when they sleep through a class. They can sleep through notes in a class, but they are given to the student later. I have been noticing this since I was very young and I do not think it is fair.

There is a huge difference between needing extra help, and just not caring about your future. If I slept through a class and failed a test, that would be it. I would not get to retake the test, but if certain students sleep through class and fails, some get to retake the test.

I believe that teachers all over our nation should make the students stay awake and actually study. Student’s should not be carried through class when he/she puts no actual effort forward. I think all students should be treated the same unless help is truly needed.