Valentine’s Day Thoughts


Valentine’s Day is here and there are many opinions on the holiday from people who are going to be single on the holiday. Some think the holiday is overrated, some do not. Some people can not wait to see their significant other and spend time with them, others dread the holiday.

Half of the world loves Valentine’s Day because of the feeling of love, the bright red and pink decorations, and candy. Others dislike the day or strongly dislike it. People do not like the holiday because they might have lost a loved one recently or a while ago and the pain of not having their significant other there with the, makes them very upset.

Another reason why people do not like Valentine’s Day would be because almost everyone around you has a date. Maybe they get flowers from someone, chocolates, letters, and they are not getting anything. Some find the holiday just a waste of money but others agree towards it.

Those who like Valentine’s Day usually have a partner or they just really love the feeling of the day. Sometimes it is good to celebrate a holiday that inspires love. Even though you might not have a partner, it makes some people go out and try and find a date on that special day.
You might also just celebrate the holiday with some of your close friends and have a cute party celebrating the day. Sometimes it is even better to spend a holiday with some of your close friends. You do not need to have a significant other to truly enjoy Valentine’s Day.