Is Prom Too Expensive?

With prom season on its way, many families are setting out to buy prom dresses and tickets. The prices of the items can range from anywhere to $20 to $250 for a prom ticket, depending on the location.

According to The Guardian, the average price spent on a teen attending prom was $919, in 2015. Parents covered about 73% of that cost.  This includes a prom dress, ticket, hair appointment, makeup appointment, flowers, etc. Some families spent as much as $1300.

From personal experience, I can say that finding the perfect dress is a nightmare, and most of the time the perfect dress does not exist. I have spent countless hours online, and in stores hoping the perfect dress would come, but that is never what happens.

Prom dresses are even more difficult to find with a set price limit. The perfect dress is easy to find, if the buyer is willing to spend $700 or more. I have been in stores and found the perfect dress, but then looked at the price tag and just slowly backed away.

I have always gotten to the point where I wait too long, and then I choose a dress that I am not completely happy with. I end up looking bad on pictures not liking my dress or hair. It takes so much time to thoroughly decide every part of a dance to make sure I will look back and be happy.

Prom is something that is very expensive. The amount of money spent could most likely never be justified, but people still do it because the memories and fun will always be more valuable than any amount of money.