Students Should Read More

Students should read more, not just for school, but for fun. Reading is one of the best activities anyone can do in order to educate themselves, and broaden their vocabulary.

I began reading for personal enjoyment in 5th grade, and I think it has helped me immensely since then. Now that I am much older, taking personal time to read has helped me become better at reading material in school. I have better comprehension, and can take in what I am reading very well.

Reading has also helped me become a better writer. I enjoy writing so much, and I completely believe that this is because of my love for reading. When reading, and appreciating someone else’s literature it becomes much easier to write. I think that reading has helped me pick up many writing skills that I use everyday.

Children all over the world should be encouraged to read. With all of the technology made available to students, they tend to choose that type of entertainment over books. If reading was advertised more to students, I think they would read more.

If students read more, our country would have a much more educated youth. Students would do much better in school because they would be able to absorb the material they are reading much easier.