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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Whenever you become friends with new people, it is always a very good feeling. Having friends is a nice feeling, especially when your friends are sweet and you get along with them. If you fight with them, it makes your relationship even stronger. If you only have a few friends or just one, that is perfectly fine. It is nice to have one person you can count on to have your back.

Many people are said to not have many friends, but that is perfectly fine too. Some people may not connect with others as well as they do with themselves. Maybe it’s because they are too scared to trust anyone or they simply are happy with being alone with themselves and not having to depend on anyone else. It is also good to just have time for yourself and time to think about everything else in your perspective. When people spend time alone., sometimes they can think clearly without distractions.

Becoming friends with people from other schools or other cities in also a good feeling. It’s nice to see how people from different places can connect. Sometimes people have friends that they are closer to that live far away. Living far away from each other makes the connection between the friends stronger. I believe that having friends farther away really strengthens your friendship. Friendships are very important and people should really appreciate them.