Why Cheerleading Is Important to Me

I began cheering when I was in the third grade, and have been cheering ever since. I have cheered competitively, and I am currently doing recreational cheerleading.

Cheerleading has taught me many things about myself and other people. Loss is difficult and I have experienced this from different perspectives. My squad has not done as well in competitions as we may have liked to, and we have watched teams from our school lose terribly, which is always difficult to do.

In the midst of these losses, cheerleaders are supposed to make things more cheerful. I have learned how to apply this skill to my everyday life. It makes everything just a little easier, and it is so much better to have a group of girls around who look at everyday losses on the brighter side.

Cheerleading is important to me because it has taught me the true meaning of teamwork. In a cheerleading routine, if one person makes a mistake the entire dance looks off. Communication is mandatory for things to go well. If communication is absent in a cheerleading stunt, anyone involved could be seriously injured.

Cheerleading is a very important part of my life, and I do not think I could ever see myself not cheering. I am excited for the upcoming season, and I am looking forward to all the new memories.