Vacation to Hilton Head


I went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina from May 13 till May 20. On my trip, I had a bit of fun. I was born in Hilton Head, so it was really nice to go back. When I was there, I knew exactly where I was the whole time. A lot of buildings look the same down there but I somehow managed to remember where everything was.

The last time I was in Hilton Head before my vacation was in 2015. It doesn’t seem like too long ago, but for me, it feels like forever. When I was there, I went to the beach almost every single day. I’m that one person who really does not like swimming or going to the beach, but when I was down there, it was very nice. This year, I loved visiting the beach and plazas that I used to go to. The condo that we stayed in was very nice. The condo had three balconies and there were many rooms. The view was of the other pretty condos and pools.  

When I was younger, my brother and I used to always go to Coligny Beach and Harbour Town. They are both very nice places and I was happy to revisit them again.