National Pit Bull Awareness Month


(Photo Via Pixabay under Creative Commons license)

Every October of every year is dedicated to the “bully-breed”:  American Pit Bull Terriers!

October is known globally as National Pit Bull Awareness Month in which American Pit Bull Terrier owners and lovers around the world celebrate and post all about their pit bull/American Pit Bull Terrier to spread love and not hate on the breed. 98% of the world view the breed has harmful and aggressive while the owners of the dog’s have a whole other view of them. Simply search any hashtag regarding the National Pit Bull Awareness Month and you can find hundreds to thousands of pictures of pit bull’s in multiple environments. You can find pictures of them with flower crowns, baby’s, other animals, doing something they love, sleeping, and anything else you can think of.

Adding to the National Pit Bull Awareness Month, October 28th is also known as National Pit Bull Awareness Day! National Pit Bull Awareness Day usually falls on the last Saturday of every October. The website, informs the world about the importance of loving this breed instead of hating it. NPBAD was created to help educate and spread positive comments about the breed in communities all around the world. Since NPBAD become so successfu,l it now has it’s own website,