From a Rocket to a Cougar

Madison Kovach

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2020 Graduation
May 20, 2020

(Photo Credit Via CoKo Photography)

As I close this chapter in my life and open up the next, there are a few thank you’s and memories I would like to share from these past four years. Although my year has been cut short I am glad to say I had a year to remember thanks to the wonderful staff of Jefferson-Morgan and my friends and family. My time at Jefferson-Morgan was a time in my life that I will never forget, even through all the bad times. I am honored to be able to call myself a Jefferson-Morgan Alumni.

There are a few teacher’s in particular that I can thank for making my high school experience so genuine and fun, one being Mrs. Huba. Mrs. Huba was my journalism teacher for four years and my English 12 teacher, but was also in charge of the Leo club which means we spent a lot of our time together! Through my four years Mrs. Huba has became more of a friend to me rather than a teacher and I can’t thank her enough for that. Even when I was at my lowest, she cried with me and lifted me back up. Mrs. Huba is inspirational, kind, caring, and strong! If it wasn’t for Mrs. Huba I wouldn’t be the strong reader and writer I am today. I will miss our time spent in the classroom together more than anything.

There is also one other teacher I would like to thank and that is Mr. Lesko! Mr. Lesko was my Art teacher for four years as well as the teacher in charge of the Art Club. Mr. Lesko has taught me more than just art these past four years though. He taught me to be strong, never let anyone control my life, and to always see the best in people. Without him I wouldn’t be the artist and person I am today! Each day I spent in Mr. Lesko’s classroom was another day I spent doing something I loved and smiling. When I first moved into 9th grade I never even saw myself as an artist or even taking more than a year of art, but because of him that all changed. I will be forever grateful for him and everything he taught me.

Lastly I want to thank my best friends Bria, Jasmine, Elijah, and Gavin. At the beginning of senior year I had one friend and no one to talk to the whole day as well as no where to sit at lunch, but that all changed when Elijah invited me to sit with him and Gavin. Since that day, Bria and Jasmine have joined and became my best friends. They have been there for me even at my lowest times making me laugh, having my back, listening to all my problems, and sticking up for me. I was blessed with the best friend group who I can go to for anything and know I will come out smiling. My senior year would not have been the same without them and I will miss them as we all go our separate ways.

Although there is so much more I can talk about from my four years at Jefferson-Morgan, these are the things I will remember most. I will carry all these memories with me through college and into life. I wish I could’ve had the closure from high school that I needed, but these past two months are ones that I will be able to tell my children and grandchildren. I am not apart of history and one day I will be able to look back on this experience and know that without it, my life wouldn’t be the same. Just like without my time at JM, my life wouldn’t be the same. So, for the last time thank you Jefferson-Morgan for everything you have given me… once a rocket, always a rocket.