Looking For a Leader

Madison Kovach

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(Photo Via, Renee Kovach)

As the new year for 4-H has came and gone the Greene County 4-H Horse and Pony club is still looking for a new leader!

As of last year the club was out of an officer due to the past officer, Ryan Mooney, retiring. The few members have banned together in hopes of finding a leader to ensure another year of making memories and showing! The members have asked anyone who has a child involved in 4-H to look into being their new club leader. The members have created a small family and have high hopes to stay together.

If anyone is interested in becoming the leader for the year or many to come should get in contact with Chris Becker or anyone from the extension office. Any one interested will need a few back ground checks in order to complete being the leader! The remaining members are looking forward to meeting their future leader!