2016 President?

My interest level with the candidates running for presidency is pretty low. Sometimes I will start to gain an interest with it but sometimes I do not. Right now I am not too sure what to think of the elections that will take place in 2016. I don not know too many of the people running for president. I only know three of them.

As I get older I do start to have a bit more interest in who is running but for right now I do not want to get into it. I do not have much on what to say about the elections. I cannot vote nor can I run for president so it does not bother me. At this point I have few problems with the president and I am kind of worried about who will be president in 2016. All I know is that I do not want someone who does not agree to half of the good things in the world.

It would not be good if we were stuff with a very, very terrible president for a few years. Everyone has their opinions about the upcoming elections. I am at a younger age of right now so I do not need to worry as much. Yet again, as I get older I will most likely want to get into it a little so I could understand better.