Flexible Instruction Day Finally Used


(Photo Credits Via Pixabay)

On February 10, Jefferson-Morgan School District was closed, and the district called for a FID.

FID is an acronym for a Flexible Instruction Day. From the Jefferson-Morgan Student Handbook, it says that a FID is used when a school day is cancelled due to inclement weather or an emergency situation. The district has 5 Flexible Instruction Days. During this day, students are permitted to log onto google classroom and complete an assignment given to them from their teachers. Also, teachers will be online to answer any questions the students may have from 10am-2pm. Students have five days to complete the assignments, and a FID day won’t need to be made up like a normal cancellation. 

A positive to the new application is that the school day wouldn’t need to be made up causing students to have less days for their breaks. Also, the assignments may help a students grade due to the extra points.

A negative to this application is that students may fall more behind due to them needed to do more school work instead of using the cancellation as a day to possibly catch up on overdue work. 

Overall, a FID day is beneficial to students. It prevents the need for makeup days, and the assignments can help boost a students grade if needed.