Jefferson-Morgan Calls First FID’s

Andrew Vessels

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March 23, 2020

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On February 7, 2020, Jefferson Morgan School District had its first snow day and the school got to use the FIDS that was just added this year.

FIDS stands for Flexible Instruction Days. FIDS are given to students if a school day is cancelled, and the work given counts as a day of school for the students. More information on the FIDS will be on

One postive for FIDS are that it will count as an entire day of school instead of having to make the day up. FIDS will not have any days go into holidays or breaks. Students can sleep in and do work when they get up and have the whole day to relax.

A few downfall’s of FIDS are students will procrastinate on their school work¬† and not do it. Students might not have access to the internet at home. Students will also sleep in past the due time for FIDS.¬†

FIDS will be a better way for students to have a normal break instead of having it cut short one day because of a snow day.