Jefferson Morgan school district implements Flexible Instruction day


(Photo Credit Via Publicdo Under Creative Commons License)

On February 7th, 2020 the Jefferson-Morgan School District operated on a FIDS day because of inclement weather due to snow.

FIDS otherwise known as a Flexible Instruction Day is a day when school is canceled but the teachers have assigned work on Google Classroom for the students to complete for class points as. By using FIDS the district policy states that students won’t have to make up this day of school but instead will get marked as an unexcused if students don’t complete their work. These FIDS days will be used when there is an emergency situation or inclement weather.

Some Positives of the FIDS days are that students don’t have to make up that day of school later on. For example if the school decides to use a fids day students will not be required to make up that day of school. FIDS also gives the students and teachers a day away from school which they may need. For example FIDS days are a great time to catch on other work that students or teacher may not have got to do on a school day.

A negative of the FIDS days are that some of the teachers assignments don’t go along with what the students are learning in class. as an example of this some teachers may not be able to assign the work that they are doing in class. Another negative is that some students may not be able to get on the internet at home. As a result of not being able to get on the internet students will have to stress and worry about getting all their work done at school.   

In conclusion FIDS days are a good way to have avoid having to make up school and get school work done.