High School Friends

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Throughout high school students make some friends and also lose friends all at the same time. Trying to keep friends in high school can always be difficult because things aren’t the same as in elementary and middle school.

Once students are in high school everything starts to change and become a little different. There are many more classes and clubs to partake in and every student is interested in something different. Joining new clubs and activities expand on a students normal, social atmosphere. Being a part of something different with students you don’t normally talk to helps with social skills and those students may become a students new best friend.

It’s a challenge staying close with your friends you’ve had all your life when also trying to expand and make your group of friends larger all at the same time. Old best friends get jealous and everyone doesn’t always get along but you have to make things work. As students get older they do start to realize they should just try to be friends and get along with everyone. Seniors know that it may be the last time they see most of the students they have grown up with and it’s not always the easiest thing.

Going through life people have many friends and they may just be short term friends but everyone seems to have one best friend that they can go to for anything. Some best friends are made during the time a student spends in high school and others are made at college or at a job.  A best friend is someone that should always be there no matter what and stick through the good and the bad times.