What’s Your Favorite Subject?

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Whats Your Favorite Subject?

Everyone always asks you what your favorite subject is in school. Since elementary school English has always been my response. Ever since I was a little girl reading has been my favorite thing to do. As a young child my mom and I would read every night together. On summer nights, wile the rest of the kids were outside playing I was reading because I enjoyed it so much.

When I started middle school we had a reading class that we read books in and then a English class that was more for grammar and sentence structure and they were my favorite. I loved reading and I also liked learning the way a sentence should look and just how different things were used in writing.

Moving up to high school we started having more independent readings and complex assignments to go along with the books and I enjoyed analyzing the stories. Aside from reading novels we also learned a lot of grammar and the correct way to punctuate things. MLA format was something we were taught in 9th grade and used every year for every paper we wrote.

Starting high school we also could schedule for English electives and that made me so excited. On top of having my regular English class I could also have English electives. Freshman when I scheduled I decided I wanted to take Journalism 1. I knew they wrote the school newspaper and I always enjoyed writing stories so I took the class to see how I liked it. Now as a senior I am a four year journalism student. Taking journalism has been one of the best things going through high school. Being able to write able different topics, write about students and things happening in the school and then having published for people to read has been a great experience. Writing for the school newspaper for four years has been stressful at times but one of the most fun things I have ever been a part of.

English has been my favorite subject to learn about since I can remember and I hope now that I’m going to college I will enjoy it has much as I have going though elementary school and high school.