Frustration Ahead

Brooke Weir

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We are only four weeks into the 2016-17 school year and my stress level has already been reached. Between the three honors and college courses that I am taking this year, the work is unimaginable. There are 24 hours in one day, but the majority of those days are spent sleeping and sitting in a building for eight hours. Most teachers assign homework every night, giving me at least three hours to do. On normal school days, when I have practice after school I do not get home until five in the afternoon. Usually I start homework as soon as I get home, making it about eight at night by the time I am done. Considering I have yet to eat dinner and shower, it will be at least two more hours before I get to sleep, making the time ten o’clock at night. Three nights out of the school week I have volleyball games, meaning I do not get to start homework until after I get home from them. Most games end around nine o’clock at night, and I normally do not get home until nine thirty at night. On these nights I do not get to sleep until midnight, and even then most of my homework is not completed.

Between school work and everything that I have to juggle at home, there is almost no time for my personal life. My weekends are even filled with tournaments for volleyball. Being seventeen years old, people say that I have such an easy life and nothing to stress about, but that is not true. Getting good grades and making high honors every nine weeks is very important to me, so that means that I have to study every night. Spending every night studying and the weekends away at tournaments, there is no time for friends and family.