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Hush is a movie about a woman named Maddie. She is a deaf writer who moved out into the middle of nowhere to live on her own. Everything goes great in Maddie’s life; her neighbor becomes her best friend, she is writing a new book, and she is getting use to life on her own. However, that all changes one night when masked killer arrives at her house. Maddie must dig up her survival skills and fight to get out of her house alive.

The movie starts off with Maddie and her neighbor sitting on Maddie’s porch talking with sign language. Once her neighbor leaves Maddie starts learning how to make a new recipe. There are key to pay attention here, starting with her smoke alarm. The food starts burning which causes the smoke alarm to do off. Since Maddie is deaf, her smoke alarm consists of a very bright flashing light and the sound is ear piercing loud. Not long after the intruder shows up at her house, he finds out that Maddie is deaf. He thinks this is going to be an easy target, but Maddie puts up a fight. She uses her impairment to her advantage, allowing her to really put up a fight.

All throughout the movie, Madie fights to stay alive. Even though her impairment puts her at a huge disadvantage, she learns how to use it for good. Hush shows everyone the ups and downs of being deaf, and the director knew how to keep the audience guessing. There are many different plot twists in the movie, which lead up to one monumental ending.