Pinterest Makes Searching for Beauty Looks More Inclusive

A struggle for many makeup users is looking for cosmetic inspiration by searching through makeup looks on social media, only to feel unrepresented by pictures that aren’t inclusive to many races and ethnicities.  Pinterest is looking to change that, and yesterday they released a new visual platform.

On the newest version of Pinterest, users can type “beauty” into the search bar. Then, in the top left corner, users will be able to select one of the four skin shade levels: light, medium, tan, and dark. After that, users will be able to see a different version of makeup looks that have a closer fit to their skin tone.

Pinterest’s head of discovery product, Omar Seyal, told Teen Vogue, “We think of Pinterest as a visual discovery engine, because Pinners come to find ideas they want to try in their lives. In fact, many people describe using Pinterest as ‘me time,’ when they’re focused on themselves and the things they want to do. We want to make discovery as inclusive as possible so that anyone in the world can find personally relevant ideas.”

The beauty industry has been making progress in including those of all skin tones and ethnicities. Target has recently added eight new brands that are created specifically for darker skin toned women. We can only hope that more social media apps will follow in Pinterest’s footsteps.