Finally Leaving A Toxic Friendship


( Photo Credit via Flickr )

Many people may think it is very hard to let go of a friendship that has lasted so long but others think the opposite. Many go through a friendship that is technically one-sided. When someone puts way more effort into the friendship that certain person may feel helpless. They start to feel like the friendship does not exist anymore. Sometimes it is best to let go and move on.

Some friendships may just be toxic in general because of their other groups of friends. They may not like that person for random reasons so they will tell their close friend not to hangout with that person, which is toxic. Unless they are saving their friend from actual danger, they should be able to do what they want and hangout with whoever they want without getting screamed at for it.

Toxic friendships may include: One friend ignoring one constantly until the time is continent for them, a friend telling one to break up with ones partner because they do not like him, when something special is happening to two friends, they ignore one and just root for their other instead of spreading positivity towards everyone like most people do.

Some people can be so fed up with how toxic the friendship is that they just freak out. They will rash out and take their anger out in words and throw it their face. Although this is very usual, some act differently and just stay quiet and say they do not want to be in the friendship any longer but most think that is difficult.

Moving on may be easier said than done to some people but to people who are fed up with being treated badly, they can just leave like that.

Start to make new friends who bring out the happiness and fun version of oneself. Finding newer and nicer people will always help during this but it is okay not to rush in to new friendships, whatever goes, will be.