Soft, Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls


(Photo Credits via Pixabay)

Cinnamon rolls are something almost everyone has experienced. Cinnamon rolls can belong within breakfast or brunch, or they can simply be a dessert. The cinnamon roll was created within the 17th century, and they have been improving ever since. However, some recipes have been better or worse than others. On the other hand, others cannot compare to the delicious, fluffy, and soft cinnamon rolls made with this recipe.

Unfortunately, these cinnamon rolls do take more time than other desserts. Although, the recipe includes directions to make them ahead of time, overnight, or even freeze them for times farther in the future. The total prep time is two hours, but the cook time is only twenty minutes. The ingredients for this recipe is milk, granulated sugar, quick rise yeast, butter, one egg yolk, a whole egg, bread flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. For the icing, which is optional, includes cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. The reasoning behind the bread flour, compared to other recipes which use all purpose, is that it provides that large fluff within the cinnamon roll. Along the recipe, it provides alternatives in order to make the recipe dairy free. It also gives helpful tips in order to the best cinnamon rolls possible. Along with tips and tricks, it gives the necessary tools to complete the recipe. Lastly, it includes common questions and their answer.

These cinnamon rolls are truly delicious and unbelievably fluffy. This recipe can be found on Incase a video recipe is preferred, there is a video recipe included at the end of the article.