Summery Days Ideas

Casey Schaum

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Summer time is a time for laughter, fun, sunshine, and hopefully a break from school. Many students look forward for their two months off of school, but when it finally gets there, they have no idea of what sort of fun adventures they can get in too.

Depending on age range there are some limitations that play a factor into teenagers lives. Along with parental approval but besides that there really isn’t much holding a teenager back from having a fun filled summer time. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. If you do not have that creativity here are some ideas for you.

During hot days anything with a little bit of cool water is very nice. Going to a pool, river, creek, or any sort of bodied water is nice but if it is out of the option water balloons, water guns, slip ‘n’ slides, and even sprinklers could be all sorts of fun with others.

If you like to take little adventures going on a walk, bike ride, hike, or camping is a nice source of exercise and a nice way to spend a summery day. It is also nice to see different areas and the wild life it brings. During summer is also when fairs, fest and more go on which is also a nice way to get out instead of spending 30-40 dollars on an amusement park ticket.

During summer nights, going on night time drives can be very relaxing while listening to music. Having bonfires, catching fire flies, or even star gazing. If going out is what you want to do a nice out door restaurants could be the place or you could even go to outside drive in.

Make sure you enjoy your summer to the fullest and have a bottle of sun screen.