A Rotating Discovery

Devin Villarreal

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(Photo Credit via commons.wikimedia.org)

Recently the Earth’s core may have crazily stopped due to a ongoing cycle that we have been unaware of for years.

The inner core was moving at a fast and normal speed before 2009, but then suddenly stopped. Now the core has started moving in the opposite direction worrying scientists about what’s to come of this. They believe that this odd cycle is in a 70 year pattern relating to the magnetic field and the length of days on Earth. The evidence from this theory started in 1996, but scientists were unaware of what to make of that information until now.

They were able to connect this to the changing of seismic waves and the length for these waves to traverse the Earth’s heart for over 30 years. Using this information, researchers stated that these seismic event’s were made by the core of the Earth spinning 1 more degree faster than Earth itself each year. Since this phenomenon occurs it alters time and makes differences in time all around the world. The core’s shape and surface may also cause these odd time differences scientists and researchers are reporting. Scientists are still continuing research on this matter and hope to find more unsolved answers within the Earth’s surface. Even though this event occurs everyday, there is still no direct effect on life for now, but it is subject to change anytime in the future. This phenomenon is still quite a mystery.

The Earth continues to change each day , and eventually we will find all of the mysteries of the Earth below us.