Christmas Memories

I am a huge fan of Christmas movies; I am sure I will love any movie as long as it is based around Christmas, but one of my favorites is The Polar Express. I watch it all the time during the holiday season. I have always loved this movie since I was little and it never seems to get old.

I have multiple reasons to why I love this movie so much and one of them is how great the actual story is. There are Christmas movies like Frosty The Snowman that just are not very realistic. It does not have much meaning and there fourth is not as important to me. I think that The Polar Express is completely different. I think it is emotional and shows true feeling about Christmas spirit.

Another reason I love the movie so much is because I was actually on The Polar Express. Well obviously it did not come to my house in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and pick me up from my house. One day my dad randomly picked my brother and I up from school early and we could not understand why. When we got home he told us to put out pajamas on and not ask any questions.

Both of us were obviously very confused, but followed his instructions anyway and after we were dressed we got in the car and started diving. It was somewhat of a long drive and we were still clueless as to what was happening until we got there and I was face to face with The Polar Express. The whole situation was very exciting and I loved it very much.

I think my favorite part about the whole thing is the fact that we got our very own bells, just like the ones in the movie. My brother and I still have them today and we use them as ornaments on our trees. At the end of the train ride Santa Claus came on and walked around the train asking all of the kids what they want for Christmas. After that Santa got off the train and we all went back to the station. This was a very good memory of mine and getting to experience that just made watching the movie that much better.