A “History” of Mrs. Ardeno

Maci Marion

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Mrs. Lori Ardeno is a teacher at  Jefferson-Morgan High School. She has been employed at Jefferson-Morgan for 20 years.

Ardeno grew up in Washington County and attended McGuffey High School where she graduated in 1990. After high school, Ardeno attended Waynesburg University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in history education. She also attended California University of Pennsylvania where she earned a master’s of education in special education.

Mrs. Ardeno’s husband, Mr. Rob Ardeno, also works in the district as the 7th and 8th grade history teacher.  They have been married for 23 years.  They have two German Shepherds,  Roxy and Apollo,  and a cat named Shadow.

Ardeno has been with the district since 2002. She teaches 9th grade American History 1, Psychology and Sociology, Learning Support, and online history electives.

Her dream job, if she were not a teacher, would be to work in CSI. She enjoys forensic and thinks it would be very interesting.

Another fun fact about Mrs. Ardeno is that she and Mr. Ardeno have been in a bowling league for two years. Also, Mrs. Ardeno grew up on a farm, and she knows how to drive a tractor!

Mrs. Ardeno’s favorite thing about teaching at Jefferson-Morgan is working with the students and teaching them about the past. She hopes students will love history as much as she does.

Her favorite thing about Jefferson-Morgan is that everyone comes together like family. In times of need everyone is always there for each other.

Mrs. Ardeno believes students should strive to find something they are good at. “Everyone is capable of doing great things; they just need to believe in themselves.”