Trick or… Wait you’re too old

The fall whether is a great time for many activities. The season is home to many activities and events, one of these being halloween. The spookiest time of the year is coming and it raise many questions.

The first of these being am I too old? No, of course not. The activity should be shared among all people and ages. The activity is mainly reserved for the younger audience and allows a night of tricks and treats. This doesn’t mean that adults can’t have a little fun, quite the opposite. They can make a scary house or activity for the kids to go through for the reward of candy or a toy. The adults get to walk around with their kids and make sure they are safe and having a good time.

Now on to the purpose of this writing, high schoolers and Halloween. As stated  before the event is a immature one ,but if the person wishes to join they should be allowed to do so without resentment from their peers. The costumes are just a way to let loose and feel like you’re ready and able to do what you want. For the actual act of trick or treating you’re going to get some funny looks from the parents who will be used to seeing kids and toddlers in buzz light-year costumes, but if you tough through it you’ll be fine.