Eggs Cause Problems

Experts have figured out the flaw of the flu vaccines: and it is that their grown in chicken eggs.

Flu vaccines mutate a lot and the way flu vaccines are made will cause them to mutate even more. It turns out it all depends on on how the vaccine is made. The way it is made“Can have profound effects on how humans respond to it,” said Scott Hensley of The University of Pennsylvania, who helped lead the study.

“I’ve never felt sick after getting the flu shot,” Luke Bates said, but if the researchers fix the vaccine, Bates doesn’t need to worry about ever having the possibility of getting sick from the flu vaccine.

The researchers want to change their methods because making the vaccine in eggs is causing problems. They think this is just one more reason they have to create a more modern method for the new flu vaccines. “We need to get away from the antiquated production model, which the egg is,” Fauci said.

The researchers are really trying to make a difference and are willing to do mass amounts of research to figure out the best way to do it.