Should Video Games Be Open To Minors?

Would it be okay if stores sold violent video games to any minor?

This would not be okay because minors need time to be prepared for all the violent things that the world has to offer. If any minor had access a game that they are not mature enough for they would have a chance to be mentally damaged for the rest of their lives causing them serious problems.

Say a child was able to buy a very violent game. That child wouldn’t even know what the game was about before playing that game then. Then the minor would have front rows seats to the most dramatizing things anyone could see in a game. The child would have several fears after going through that and they might not ever get over them.

If a child gets a game that involves illegal actions that they wouldn’t understand they could end up doing the bad things based off the game. This is only if their parents hadn’t explain right and wrong to them yet. They would end up ruining their lives just because they are able to get a adult game when they were children.

The other side of this is it could be a learning experience for a child if their parents were there to explain everything to them. For example if a man stole a car in the game their parents could tell them how it is wrong to do things like that. It could also help a child understand life at a much earlier age than most and they would be very mature when they get into highschool.

If violent games were able to be sold to minors parents should at least need to be there so that the store knows that is it alright for the minor to purchase the game.

It would cause problems to sell violent games to minors but it could also be used for good if the child was watched over and guided through the experience.