Babies On the Way

Madelyn Van Divner

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Life’s a Beach
June 20, 2016

Over the summer my cat Coco is supposed to have kittens. So far our family has had and gave away two litters of kittens, out of each litter my mother has allowed us to keep one kitten. So far we have two girls cats and one boy cat.

I got my cat towards the end of summer last year. It was after our summer volleyball training and Mrs. Olsen was taking Carrington and I home. Carrington was the one who was supposed to get a kitten, so we stopped on our way home at the Clark’s house to pick hers up. When we pulled in they were waiting outside with all three of their kittens and she had to chose the one that she wanted. Once I had saw how cute the kittens were I called my mother to ask if we could get one. It took a little persuasion on my part but I refused to leave without one.

So as of now Coco is about seven months old. My mother was the one who pointed out that Coco was pregnant. Coco had always been really small but when we looked at her we realized that my mom was right Cocos stomach looked bigger and rounder than before. We are not quite sure how far along Coco is but we are hoping that once we take her to the vet they will be able to clear that up for us.

Being able to play with all of Coco’s kittens will probably one of my favorite parts of summer, although giving them away will probably be the worst.