Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team Turnaround

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016

The Jefferson-Morgan baseball team is making a turnaround from the last two seasons. They started off the season 2-0 until their first loss to Brownsville. After their loss they came back and beat Clay-Batelle. The boys are looking at a good season.

The Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team is looking at a good season. Their past seasons weren’t too great though. They haven’t made playoffs the past two years and they’re hoping to make it this year. The way their win/loss record is looking right now, it seems like they’ll make it pretty far this season.

The Baseball Team is pretty balanced between younger and older players. There’s a good amount of freshman and players who made their first or only second appearance of their high school career. There’s also a good deal of guys who’ve been playing. This balance is working out, the younger players are being taught how to play by the older ones and together they’re both getting better at the sport.

The Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team is full of energy, talent and enthusiasm. They play hard and look forward to every game they play. They play full throttle throughout the games despite how tired they may be. They’re also optimistic and that’s one of the reasons why they’re starting off so good this season. If they keep their heads up high throughout the whole season they’ll make it to playoffs and most likely finish the season with a good record.

The Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team is looking good this year. It may be early in the season but right now they’re looking good. So far with one loss they’re looking better in this begin inning of the season than they have the past couple years. This is a good sign for the Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team.