The Elections Affect on Students

Recently, Donald Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States. Many people have been wondering what changes President-Elect Trump will make, and how these will affect us. Another concern is how these changes may affect students.

Hillary Clinton had a free-tuition plan. In this plan, Clinton’s plan included many ideas that would make getting a college education easier for everyone. This obviously was something that caught the attention of students all across the Nation. After Hillary Clinton lost the election many students, many students are wondering how President-Elect Trump is going to affect education.

Donald Trump has not yet chosen a education secretary. This decision alone will affect education immensely. He has not expressed many plans he has to change education in our country. Trump is not predicted to completely abolish the Department of Education, but it will likely end in a significantly weaker agency. Donald Trump has not said a lot about his plans with education, but as a nation we can hope that everything will be well.

During his campaign, Donald Trump said he would either dismantle United States Department of Education or cut it by “a lot.” Previous Republican candidates have also favored the proposal of eliminating the department.

Some Trump surrogates have said that they support the plan of cutting the Department of Education instead of scrapping it completely; these same people have also said that there is no reason to keep the Office of Civil Rights.

The Office of Civil Rights is the office that takes complaints from parents who say their children are discriminated against or from students who claim that their universities process for investigating sexual assault does not meet standards. This office also investigates whether student’s discipline policies and if they discriminate against students or color or transgender students.

President-Elect Trump has the power to change the schooling system completely, whether it be through education or the environments that students indore. All America can do is wait and hope for the best.