Trump’s Worst Phone Call


On February 1, 2017, a phone call between Donald Trump and Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull was leaked. The phone call was developed into a strong disagreement  between the two. Both had exchanged harsh words over refugee policy.

The argument was continued as the leader pressed the president to honor an agreement to accept around 1,200 refugees from an Australian detention center. Trump did not agree so he became angry. “Late Wednesday night, Mr. Trump reiterated his anger over the agreement on Twitter.” said New York Times. Trump blamed the Obama administration for taking the agreement but then said that he would study it. Trump had called the agreement a dumb deal and  a message on Twitter was posted after The Washington Post ad posted details of the phone call between Trump and Turnbull. During the phone call, Trump was angry so he just hung up the phone and gave up on talking.

“The phone call between Mr Trump and Mr Turnbull took place on Saturday, and was one of four the US president had with world leaders, including Russia’s Vladimir Putin.” said BBC News. The call had been arranged for the men to talk about everything that would happen soon. Trump had said that Turnbull had a lot of “bad hombres over there,” and that he needed to do something about it. It has been mentioned that Trump is trying to not let refugees in the United States. Many people agree and disagree. Sophomore Makayla McNett says, “I feel that Donald Trump is acting carelessly and should think more about the things he says.”

Australia has controversially refused to accept the refugees. Australia had said that they will not accept refugees who arrive by boat. It has already struck many deals with Cambodia and PNG, but only a handful of refugees have been resettled in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Most of them are men from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Trump does not want to let any refugees in at the moment and there have been many arguments over the topic already.

Sophomore Olivia Ricci mentioned, “I do not exactly agree with what Trump is doing. I think he should really plan things out more before just saying or doing whatever he wants.”
The argument that was going on between Australia’s prime minister was said to be one of the worst phone call that had happened already with Trump. In all means, Trump is doing anything he feels at the moment whether that be good news or bad news.