What it Pays to be a Hero

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
Surgeon posing for a picture after a successful operation (Photo Credit via actifit.info)

Surgeon posing for a picture after a successful operation (Photo Credit via actifit.info)

Doctors and other important positions in the medical field today do not make as much money as they should. Most are and can be looked at as heroes. Surgeons perform life changing surgeries and they still get paid a lot but not as much as a professional athlete. A high-payed surgeon makes about $500,000 a year which is still a lot but Floyd Mayweather makes millions each fight he’s in. It is not too fair.


Professional athletes go through a lot of training to be where they are, so do surgeons though. Before people become surgeons they go through a high demanding college, study day by day and put their work before anything else. A professional athlete usually goes through high school playing sports, end up in college and then if they’re good enough they’ll make it into the big leagues. They usually put in their hardest work when they become professional athletes. Surgeons usually work hard all of their life by getting great grades throughout high school, working hard mentally and devoting their unused time to study or learn something new. Athletes seem to become professionals a lot easier than people become good, high-paid surgeons or doctors.


A lot of highly paid doctors and surgeons are considered heroes and they really deserve to be called heroes. They save lives on the daily and change them all for the better. Professional athletes just play sports with other grown men/women. Some things they pull off are very impressive and they do train a lot to get big and strong enough to do everything they do but they don’t really do as much as doctors or surgeons do. Some athletes do make their own charities or donate a lot of money to charities but not every single athlete does. Every single doctor, nurse and surgeon helps strengthen, save and better the lives of others.


Being a professional athlete doesn’t take as much knowledge as it does to be someone working in the medical field. Professional athletes typically just need to remember how to play the sport they play, the plays their coach has written up for them and the do’s and dont’s of the sport. Surgeons, nurses and doctors have to remember and know a lot more than professional athletes do. People from the medical field have to remember prescriptions, procedures, protocols, names of patients, names of medicines, side-effects of the medicines and a whole lot more. Being a surgeon, nurse or doctor takes a lot more brain work and hard work than it does to be a professional athlete.


People of the medical field definitely deserve to make more money than a professional athlete. Professional athletes work hard physically and that’s about it. They don’t do much for anybody but entertain them. Surgeons, nurses and doctors save lives, a countless amount each day. Professional athletes making more money than people of the medical field isn’t right at all. Things like that should change.