Being an English Aide

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Caroline DePhillips – Editor-in-chief

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My Time at J-M
May 26, 2017
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  • Ms. Gratchic's room is decorated to be welcoming and inviting.

    (Photo Credit via Caroline DePhillips)

  • The Cay, Maniac Magee, and The Book Thief are books Ms. Gratchic's Novel Approach classes have read in the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Ms. Gratchic goes over test questions on the book her class had recently finished reading.

  • While the students have some free time at the end of class, I help Ms. Gratchic write her other classes assignment on the chalkboard.

  • While the eight grade Novel Approach class reads The Cay, I silently read along with them.

  • The students go over test questions with Ms. Gratchic after they've taken their test.

  • Creed Duda gratefully takes his class folder that is being handed to him.

  • While Ms. Gratchic reads aloud with her Novel Approach class, I mark their tests and grade them.

  • The students take a small break from their book to go over the chapter they had just read.

  • After students finish their vocabulary paper, they hand them to me to grade them.