A Great Delivery Service That Will Make You Smile

Devin Villarreal

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“Photo Credit via flickr.com”

Amazon Prime is a premium delivery service by Amazon that provides members with many features and deals.

In April 2005, Amazon Prime was put out on the market for users to subscribe to. It gained traction pretty quickly and turned into what it is today with millions of users. This product, or service, is targeted toward adults and teens who shop online very often and are looking for discounts and deals.

Amazon Prime provides very fast shipping times with the average delivery time being one to two days from when the item was ordered. Regular shipping can take up to weeks so using this service would provide you with a great advantage. This service also provides many discounts on select items. These discounts can go up to fifty percent off which gives you a much better price for the product you are trying to purchase. This service also gives you access to Prime Video. This is a video streaming service where you can watch select shows and movies for free. Once a year Amazon holds Prime Days. These two days provide Prime subscribers a ton of discounts on all kinds of items at once. A service for Prime members only called “Amazon Fresh”, lets users buy actual groceries to their home from their phone or computer.

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime at https://www.amazon.com/amazonprime . If you are not sure about this service you can always try their thirty day free trial as well. The cost of this service a year is a little pricey at the value of  $140 a year.

Amazon Prime has many pros and almost no cons making it a service worth subscribing to if you have the money to do so.