Teachers Wellness Day


( Photo Credit via Pixabay )

On March 9th, Teachers wellness day at Jefferson-Morgan starts at 7:00 and ends around 1:30. Matt Scoletti will be the keynote speaker for the teachers during the event. Mapletown high school teachers will also be attending with JM faculty.

To start off everything that day, everyone will be able to get breakfast here at JM.

Scoletti will talk to faculty in the auditorium from 8-9 to get the event started. The sessions for teachers will start at 9:10.

There will be six sessions that teachers will be able to pick. They can pick events various to Yoga, Barre, Zen, Identity Theft, Thrive, Body Circuit, etc.

During these sessions, teachers will be able to relax and calm themselves while participating in these stress relieving activities.

At the end of all of the sessions, all faculty will be served lunch and at the end, there will be a prize drawing.