Jefferson Java is Open for Business

Maci Marion

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Jefferson Java is an entrepreneur shop run by students to allow them to get a business experience. Students sell food and beverages to any student or teacher during their mornings. The class is entrepreneurship and it is during the students first period classes, but it goes on during enrichment through 5th period.

Jefferson Java sells beverages such as gourmet hot chocolate, coffee, Chai Tea, and Iced Cappuccinos. They also sell food such as ramen, snow cones, mac and cheese bowls, and oat meal and right now they are selling limited addition sugar cookie hot chocolate.

Jefferson Javas is a fantastic way for students to really learn what it is like to run a business because not only does the class offer a coffee shop for students to get a physical experience but the class also deals with money so students are taught about finances.

The class also offers a real life shark tank experience where judges come in and judge the business the student has created. Once students are done with the class they are given gift cards with all the profit they have made throughout the year.

Jefferson Javas is open Monday through Friday.