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Blaine Cunningham

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Back to School
August 29, 2016

I do not look forward to the next year classes, the school does not offer the classes I wish to take.  The school needs to have more classes to offer to its students. At this point, I am only looking forward to my core classes and I am disappointed at all the electives we have and I’m not interested. We need to have more electives, more electives that would peak the interest of the students. I cannot look forward to most of the classes that are offered.

The online scheduling does make it easier to schedule our next year classes because the teachers decide our next year classes anyway. The students also get a say in what classes they have, but there aren’t enough classes. If the students are required to have a certain amount of credits to pass, then give the students electives that they can actually enjoy.

There should be more classes in the scheduling process. The school offers so little electives for the students. When I went into 9th grade; there were very few electives offered. As it was the same this year when I’m going into 10th. For the higher grades, I have no clue how much they offer but I can just guess it would be similar. There are not enough electives for the students to enjoy their time at school.