SchoolMessenger: A New Way To Be Informed

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Chris Palone, Editor

Jefferson-Morgan is now introducing a new SMS system called SchoolMessenger where you will be alerted for school-related things via text message.

“This new SchoolMessenger thing is very beneficial because now we can rely less on our parents for this information and we’re on our phones a lot.” said Casey Herrod.

SchoolMessenger is a notification provider that keeps students up to date with important information such as school closings, delays, and events. It is a free service and is supported by most cell phones. Students will be notified at the tip of their fingers whenever something important goes into effect or happens.

Herrod stated that ”I do feel like a good majority of students will use this but others might just rely on their parents like before, or they’ll be updated by their friends.”

In order to participate in this service, all you need to do is text “Y” or “Yes” to the number 67587. You can opt out from receiving these messages at any time by texting the same number “Stop.”