Get Ready for Red Ribbon Week


The Jefferson-Morgan Student Council will be having their annual Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days in honor of Red Ribbon Week on October 24th through October 28th.

Red Ribbon Week is a drug-abuse prevention week. On Monday, students are to wear a band t-shirt in order to band together against drugs. For Tuesday, students are to wear a crazy hat or crazy hair to use their heads and don’t do drugs. On Wednesday, students are to wear their own clothes inside out to show how drugs can flip your life around. Next for Thursday, students are to wear orange and black or Halloween themed outfits, but no costumes to say boo to drugs. Lastly for Friday, students are to wear red to show they are proud to be drug free.

Students are told to remember that school dress code will still be applied during this spirit week, so outfits must be school appropriate. For more information or questions, please reach out to any student council members.