Into the SADD Trip


(Photo Credits via Catherine Diamond)

Catherine Diamond, Editor

On Friday, January 20th, the students within the Students Against Destructive Decisions went on a trip which occurred at 10 AM through 12 PM.

“I really enjoy spending time with Mr. Corbett along with my friends at SADD. The information was really useful for me and my friends,” said by participant Lacey Ryan.

Students in the SADD club attended IU for an annual presentation. This presentation focused upon informing students on the epidemic of opioids. It provided students with statistics, dangers, advice, and warnings about opioids. The presenter also gave students a card to get access to Narcan.

“I have enjoyed being apart of SADD for the past few years, it is fun, and we learn useful information. Going to various meetings and conferences has taught me the dangers of drugs and alcohol, wreck less driving, and overall the consequences of poor decision making,” said by participant Kaileigh Coneybeer.

The next SADD event is to be announced, but the students were also informed of an opportunity to make a poster board.