It’s Baseball Season

Josh Woods

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This Week in History
February 28, 2023

Baseball is starting up because they had their first practice this week.

Patrick Mullen said, “Baseball season is exciting, because it is the official beginning of summer.”

The players are ready to go. Spring training and scrimmages are starting up soon. So the players are practicing hard to get ready for the season. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been horrible the last threw years but they have brought back Andrew McCutchen. The team normally does well til the all star break and then just falls flat on they’re face. One crucial hole in the baseball team has is pitching. Hopefully they can figure out what to do to perform at their best. Opening Day for this MLB season is March 30th. So it’s quickly approaching.

Gage Haywood said, “Watching baseball is one of the best ways to relieve stress.”

With all of that being said, the country is ready for opening day. Let’s Go Bucs.