Senior Class Selects “Senior Favorites”

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Madison Kovach – Chief Editor

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Senior Class Selects “Senior Favorites”

(Photo Credit Via Michelle Huba)

(Photo Credit Via Michelle Huba)

(Photo Credit Via Michelle Huba)

(Photo Credit Via Michelle Huba)

Every year the senior class gets to vote on who they think fits the following categories best! The votes are counted up and posted for the school to see. The winners will get their pictures taken and those will be featured in the 2018-2019 school yearbook!

Mr. and Miss JM (school spirit) – Justin Maddich and Carrington Teasdale

Class Clown – Michael Ludrosky and Maddie Van Divner

Most Changed (since 7th grade) – Devin Stoneking and Brynn Boyd

Biggest Flirt – Jacob Broadwater and Maddie Van Divner

Most athletic – Justin Maddich and Brynn Boyd

Most Unique Laugh – Carlos Thistlewaite and Carrington Teasdale

Most Likely to Succeed – Cameron Cernuska and Brittany Nelson

Most Mechanically Inclined – Michael Mullen and Katelyn Messina

Best Dressed – Adam Hobe and Julie Kline

Best Actor/Actress – Adam Hobe  and Allie Royer

Most Musical – Sebastian Jellots and Braylee Pierce

Most Artistic – Michael Ludrosky and Allie Royer

Bookworm (loves to read) – Ian Elkins and Brittany Nelson

Most Likely to Stay Friends (girls) – Braylee Pierce and Joelle Pahanish

Most Likely to Stay Friends (boys) – Jacob Broadwater and Devin Stoneking