Covid-19 Vaccine Receives Skepticism Due to Rushed Timeline

Brandon Lawrence

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hasn’t received the vaccine his company has developed so quickly stating that he does not want to take the vaccine away from the people who need it most ie nurses, doctors, and other first responders. The first wave of covid-19 vaccinations is already underway and of course, with the rush timetable of its development people are questioning the safeness and effectiveness of this vaccine.
Bryce Debolt, a student at Jefferson-Morgan High School, gave a statement about his views on the Covid-19 vaccine debate. Debolt states, “I believe its our right to refuse the covid-19 vaccines.” He is a fervent defender of the constitution and of individual rights down to even being willing to fight for them.
There are a confirmed 6 people who have already died very soon after taking this vaccine so it has raised questions in the medical community of what could be causing this. They still don’t have an answer but this is caused by a surprising number of healthcare workers to refuse the vaccine.
While some people are refusing to take the vaccine others are quite eager to take the vaccine for various reasons. Daria Morris, a student at Jefferson-Morgan, however, is getting the vaccine under the rationale of not wanting to hurt anyone. Daria stated” I would get the vaccine just so I know I won’t be hurting anyone. If the vaccine works then there is no harm in getting the vaccine even when you do not have COVID-19. I would just so I know I am safe and I wont get it from anyone else around me.”
It is still very early in the vaccination roll out so hopefully, some of these fears will subside with the hope of safety from the virus but the fraction of people refusing the virus is growing daily. Their rationale is that with a virus with a 99.97% survival rate why would they chance a serious side effect with a vaccine that doesn’t even make them immune.